Todays Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results are posted! Page order changed!

Here we are it’s 2011, the start of another year & Lee Hassall made it all look easy by doing 4 laps of 10 Sections at the Piggeries clean! Good ride by Lee I reckon, R/up Becky Cook lost her 6 marks in 3  different sections. I see Lee Witt had a day out, first ride for a few years I reckon. I wonder if Dad, Martin &/or Grandad, Dudley were there to see? Rob Scott was riding the “A” class & I notice Lewis [Scott] was riding too. I reckon it’s a long time since his last ride in the youth classes. 7 or 8 years maybe?

Anyway the Results are now posted for you. We’ve also tried to tidy up the Pages sidebar for you so that the most up to date things are nearer the top where you might look for things if you were new to the site. Frank

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