Knut Results Posted

Hi there, we’ve just posted the Results for the Knut for you. An excellent entry 92 of you, for what was obviously an excellent trial! More Mutter later.

Mutter Mutter. Ok its 17:03 & i think I’ve got the Knut Results in a form that reasonably intelligible. They should print out on 1 side of A4. As received it was 6 sides of A4 & no identifier as to which Trial etc.

The Trials & tribulations of the Editor!. As I know you guys { & girls}want to see the Results ASAP I do tend to rely on info that can be immediately posted without me having to play around with the info I receive. Shades of JD & his {very occasional} TMX rants. I have noticed some correspondents from without the Centre commenting that their report/results/pictures don’t always get into TMX. Well, believe me, I understand where JD comes from deadlines & time constraints don’t allow for TMX staff to rewrite or rework reports.

Like most things Rules don’t always get followed! Different computer programmes don’t always speak to each other & the one Universal is, maybe, that .pdf files can be read by everyone as Acrobat Reader is a free download

Wow – since the stuff above & below was posted about an hour ago we’ve sorted out that the different Excel programme versions between sender and receiver do actually change the way the information is presented – it left the Secretary of the Meeting with the Results on 1 side of A4 & came out here on 6 sheets of A4 (!) So that shows we guessed rightly it was to do with programmes not speaking the same language to each other We’re trying a different way to see if .pdf’s can ensure  what leaves there gets here in the way it was sent!

Remember your Feedback about the site is invaluable – Gary Scrivs & Brett King have both been in touch regarding the Knut Results & I hope that all the rest of you can find them now easily & in a form that’s understandable!

A last little taster, of the next Mutter, for you. We’ve been waiting for a volunteer Centre Treasurer for how many years now? And what does the Centre Board do? Does it ever do anything other than meet talk & forget everything till the next Board? – Well yes it does but that’s for another day.

Keep you feet up: Frank

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