Updated Centre Trials Champ Tables, Knut Trial reminder, updated Results for the NSMSC Presidents Trial. Decembers’ The View from Ba House

Evening all.

Recorder Pete Dury “forgot” the updates for the  o40 & o50 Classes at his last update – not a ‘senior moment’ I’m sure. Anyway that’s sorted for you all now. Find them on the Centre Champ Tables Page

Jerry Walters advises some updated Results & the inclusion of the Sidecar class Results of North Somersets Presidents Trophy Trial. Find them on the Centre Champ …… Tables page

Oh & here’s the Xmas Edition of  “The View from Ba House” more pithy comments from our Resident Guru

The View from Ba-House

I saw the new Ossa a few weeks ago.It was run out at the BVM test day,held at Breakheart Quarry, [which all now agree IS in our Centre – Ed.] near Dursley and was the star of the show.It was so popular that it was fully booked within an hour of the start of the day so I didn’t get a look in unfortunately.( Maybe Nigel Birkett remembered the little accident I had on his new 200 Scorpa a few years ago when I was attempting a 360 back flip on some big rocks and came a right gutser.Still as I told him at the time,”It’s only a little dent”.) Sadly then I had to be content with watching others ride the bike,but there was an opportunity to look at the engineering up close on Birkett’s stand,where they displayed a prototype with the covers off.From what I saw of the engine it’s a little jewel,beautifully compact and well finished.The rest of the bike was a bit rougher but it looked very promising overall.The only obvious fly in the ointment is that fuel tank positioning.It’s so stupid that I can’t see it reaching production like that,they are going to have to think again.I’d put the fuel in a back-pack on the rider,that’d sort it out.
But for all their cleverness trials-bike manufacturures still don’t recognise one of the most important problems that riders have to face with their products,that they can be made to stall so easily,especially in big gears. Surely by now all trials bikes should have been fitted with some form of slipper clutch to stop this nasty thing happening.Look at Mr Honda,he’s produced more than 60,000,000 Cub motorcycles and all of them are fitted with an automatic clutch that will stop the engine stalling when coming to a halt.Something like that on a trials bike would be invaluable,especially to the ordinary rider.
And while their at it,it wouldn’t hurt for them to look again at their ignition systems,for they can be very short-lived.There are better and more reliable systems fitted to every £200 Strimmer made,in my opinion.Perhaps the Prince of Darkness,Josef Lucas, is alive and well,and working in a garage somewhere on the coast of a warm sea.Maybe he’s to blame.

I ‘forgot” about the BVM test day, I was thinking of going up for a look. But still it was a cold day even before the latest spell of cold weather. I was interested in the rear wheel after the TMX picture – the rim/spoke arrangement but as Ba had concentrated on the engine & Fuel tank arrangements maybe it was a normal rear wheel that was fitted for the test? Did anyone else see that back wheel? Was it special? – Ed.

Nipper Allen reminds you all of the Centre Championship Trial 
deciding Round 
- The Bath Club Knut trial

Just a reminder that the Knut trophy trial will be on at Dyrham Woods on Sunday 12 th December and it will be run for us by Herbie and Theresa Talbot.In the last few years the Knut has regained a lot of it’s star status thanks to the marvellous courses that Herbie has been laying out,so if your feeling lucky and want to test yourself against some really big hills then come along and ride.There should be routes suitable for all abilities so you need not be too afraid.Just eat a good breakfast.
The start is just off the A46 Bath to M4 road.From the M4 go towards Bath then turn right just past the Tollgate Cafe,at the top of the hill.From Bath go through Pennsylvania then take the first left,just before the Tollgate Cafe, then in 200 yards turn right into the start.Hope you have a good day

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