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Licencing for Clerks of Course & Stewards boring boring yes I know but its mid November & some of you will have Licences that expire on 31/12/10. So this is to remind you that you’ll need to attend a seminar to have your Licence renewed. In the centre we have about 20 Trials & Enduro, 5 Grass Track & 1 M-X Officials who need to be Licenced again for three years in January.

I can help out for T&E and am planning to run a seminar with one back up date during January at Warmley Community Centre. I know having been to Rugby yesterday for a National Council Meeting that the T&E Seminar will be changing as there will be different emphases on various aspects of the ‘syllabus’ from previous Seminars for next years Licences so please watch this space. Track Racing Seminars are best tackled by contacting Tracey Cossar at Rugby there may be Regional Serminars planned but I’m not aware of dates. Your Club Secretary should be up to speed with things as well.

I was up in Birmingham last weekend & after I’d finished I dived into the National Motor Cycle Museum for a bit. I’ve been ther a few times but there are so many bikes you can’t take it all in during one trip. Did you know for instance that the Co-op used to sell its own range of bikes? I didn’t. Did you know there was an engineer down in Southampton who designed & built his own 125cc 4stroke & rode it in the TT [best result 8th] It’s worth a trip! I’ve got a few photos that I might get a photoquiz out of when I find time.

Had a good day out at Elmington Manor today 21/11/12 for the Frome Centre Championship Trial. Elmington Manor Farm, is of course where National Sidecar Expert Champions Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes practice. The practice so well that this year is [I think] Jon & Matt’s 4th consecutive year as Champions, & they’ve gone into retirement. The final flourish was the final Championship Round [that they didn’t even need to go to as they had already wrapped up the Championship] which they won – oop North by pipping Robin & Sam Luscombe for the win.

Congratulations again  Jon & Matt  from all of us in the Centre

Thanks to all the Observers & Officials that turned out for you, I think there were only 2 Sections? that didn’t have an Observer for at least part of the Trial. And thanks to all you riders for supporting the Wessex Centre Championships when you could have gone to the Hurran in the Western Centre after it was changed to a date that clashed with us. Ben Darch & Colin Crease seem to be making a habit of losing equal marks at the end of the Trial – they did it again today with both of them losing 32 although Colin beat Ben when the tie break TSR 23a – most cleans – was applied. Neither of them won the Expert class though, former Champion Gary Marshman only parted with 18 all day & 10 of those were in Section 2 which he couldn’t clean all day. That particular triumph went to Lee Hassall on lap 1 & Colin on lap 2. Mary has sent Results through & they are now posted on the Centre Championship Results 2009, 2010 Page

More to follow when I’ve checked out something following several comments I’ve had from you riders both before todays trial & from one of our o50 riders & Regional CofC’s after the Wilts Border Championship Round which he didn’t attend. Watch this Space! So I’ll finish for now by reminding you of the Southern Experts the week after next call Chris Mawer on 07710211913 if you fancy a ride & he’ll squeeze you in [even though the closing date is tomorrow]

See you soon at the Knut perhaps? Frank

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