Seven Days since the Scott Trial & Centre Results & Regs to post for you

So why has it taken him so long to update us? You are asking?

A four days stay near Richmond was extended with a couple of days down near Cambridge to see young William, his Mum & Dad & his other two grandparents! Then I had to read last weekends Sunday paper, two issues of T&MX & two Wiltshire Times, then draft a question for discussion at ACU National Council next month, but here’s some inconsequential chatter.

Friday afternoon: drove up to Orgate to check the level – not much water coming down, chatted to the farmer  who was out on his quad when along come Barry Robinson in a Golf & then Eric Kitchen in a large Range Rover, Eric complaining how long it took to get through Leyburn {on Market Day} Eric & Barry had obviously arranged to rendezvous there with Eric saying he’d been lent on to present the Award at the Cricket Club. Discussion about tomorrows weather – not so good so the levels might be up. Some photographic banter that seemed to be aboutgetting quite good if they stuck at it! On to Langthwaite & walked up the Hill toBooze & Slei Gill to stake out Saturdays first viewing spot & there’s five people walking towards us. Hello Phyllis & Frank says Ray Perkins so a quick chat with him & Malcolm Rathmell & Michael Brown, not much water in the Gill we think, but a good place {we’ve viewed from here before} as long as the weather is ok. We reckoned we could get there just about when the first man comes through in the morning. Walked back via Storthwaite & just as we get back to the river there’s a van turning down the river track with Lee & Ricky Wiggins looking for Surrender. Not lost exactly but in that ‘I wouldn’t start from here” place when asking directions. Then over to Surrender where all the likely lads were staking it out.

Off to the Overton House Cafe in Reeth for dinner ,try the Scarborough “woof” if it’s on the menu when you’re there & then back to the Pub we were staying in & a familiar looking van was in the car park – yes Lee & Ricky were staying in the same place!

Saturday morning breakfast & off to Langthwaite – no time to stop at the start field – weather just good enough for us to say OK we’ll go up to Booze Moor & chance the weather. We didn’t make it in time for the first rider but only missed 3 or 4, Tony Moulder, No 8, went through as I got the camera out, couldn’t understand how No 201 came through so early – guessed it was a Charity Rider – but No the programme says its Carl Tennant – the Trials Central List has Carl as No 13 so TC is wrong! Lots more water today – it poured down about 5 o’clock in the morning apparently, the section proved fairly difficult for some, Ricky Wiggins took a different line to most, & hopped it neatly across to the ends cards. Guessed riders had been instructed to make genuine attempts at sections as most fallers & stoppers didn’t ride out & away. Phil Alderson came through with several riders in the section – good riders can do that – ride a different line to avoid the hold ups in the section Harold Crawford instantly recognisable without riding gloves as always. Michael Brown was through very quickly, probably at the front on corrected time. Didn’t see Dougie though that was a surprise surely both of us hadn’t missed him? Lots of Marshals here as they had to set the afternoon return loop route after the last man through. Right, then  off to Surrender {section 57 of 77}, we were early so parking was easy, walked across & had a sandwich, still no riders, so we went on to Roy’s Rocks which had two subs {TMX’s Eric pictures are of the 2nd} we just looked at the first.

12:42:37hrs & Michael Brown [173] is first man through, had a couple of dabs though, Jonathan Richardson [178]  is next again with a one or two dabs at 12:45:12hrs, so Michael is comfortably ahead on corrected time, James Dabill [194] is through at 12:51:51 & cruises through feet up  – pretty to watch – he’s got to be up there even if he’s not fastest this year {quickest finisher the last 2 years} what’s this? Jarvis is next through at 12:58:56 so don’t rule him out. Jack Sheppard  [122] on the 125cc Beta came through at 13:03:50 looking quite handy – how does someone from the flat Eastern Centre cope with flowing water & rocks & boulders I wonder? [actually it’s because he’s good – we’ve never seen him before] – he ‘s got to be in with a shout for best newcomer. I’m rooting for Ricky for that award  but without someone to show you the way its hard – Ricky comes through at 13:18:37 so he’s not likely to grab that, but another nice thinking ride not following the obvious {when you’re knacked} line with a pivot turn to line up the ends cards. Graham Tales [135] is through at 13:42:51hrs – now there’s a man with 19 silver spoons already so we’ll forgive him paddling through the tricky bit! Here comes Tony Moulder [8] 13:56:59 hrs so he’s obviously going to be out of time but hopefully will make it to the finish. Haven’t got the time that Chris Shorey [114] went through but he’s looking strong & like a certain finisher.

That’s nearly it for the day, walk back to the car, & off to the start/finish field. Have a chat with Penny Ludgate who says Sam’s gone road racing this year – including Thruxton – but not on an Enfield of course. Sam was already in but Penny was still waiting for Ben.

Saturdays Dinner at Piazza II in Richmond – quick simple & nice pizza & summer fruit cheesecake.

Sunday morning, awake at 04:40 decide not to put the TV on for the F1 GP in S Korea – when I did at a civilised hour they still hadn’t raced, 3 laps behind a pace car, & then a long delay  with Red Bull not wanting to race & Lewis Hamilton keen to ,Mark Webber already out, & the race not stopped. Off to Breakfast to hear from Ricky that Dabill was the winner, Dougie had broken down again with the same ignition trouble as last time – what an advert for Beta & Ricky was 30th – just out of the spoon awards. Jack Sheppard didn’t make it to the finish & Jon

I didn’t see full results until Thursday , but as well as Ricky there was a good ride from Rob Pollard 31st & he Endeavour Trophyt  for Chris Shorey [TMX says he’s done 30 now – so I was right he should know the way round!  Sam Ludgate had a spoon & Ben a finishers Cert. Best newcomer was Richard Sadler  & best under 21 Jonathan Richardson. Michael Brown lost 65 on observation, compared to James Dabill’s 39 & Graham Jarvis’ 43

So that’s it for another Scott year!

I’ll post some pictures & Centre stuff tomorrow: Frank

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