So Steve Saunders didn’t do it! [win the pre 65 Scottish at his first attempt] & other chatter!

Yesterday was the first day of the 2010 SSDT. This event may yet prove to be a victim of it’s own success. Mairi has already posted about the dangers of speed in the tracks around Leanachan where there are several sections that have never been used before – planned to be used but weather stopped it happening. Leanachan is Forestry land & they have concerns as other recreational pursuits happen in there as well as us. She warns of the provision to exclude riders if they are reported for speeding –  a 15mph limit.  I see also that the pre65 SSDT Results state that complaints have been received from Land-owners complaining about the number of unauthorized bikes seen this year. Irresponsible, for that read selfish, riding will lose the ground for ever. Its happened in National Parks, It’ll happen in Scotland too.

To events, as some-one famous said, Events dear boy….Events.   Steve Saunders didn’t quite do well enough to be overall pre 65 winner, losing 2 & 3 on day one & day two respectively & having to defer to Paul Heys on 3! Best Newcomer though! And a pretty useful newcomer at that wouldn’t you say?

Shock horror in Fort William Today Though The Norovirus has struck. It doesn’t mind who it infects either. I guess HQ is the Alexandra? Maybe thats why Dougie lost 33 yesterday? Out of contention for the win already I think  although brother James is on only 7 IIRC. Cabestany & Michael Brown are joint leaders at last night. Local riders?  Adam Scott & Mark are all about where you would expect. John Luff & Minder Craig Talbot bracket the best lady – Becky Cooke – with their scores. Jerry Cross has lost lots but is still there – I do hope none of “our” guys or supporters are suffering.

More from Mairi: ” We’ve also had four riders reported to us by the Forestry Commission for speeding through Leanachan yesterday, despite having twenty marshals on the route, numerous Forestry Commission officials and 15 mph signs everywhere.  Off to deal with them now…” What did I say earlier in this post?

Good to see Ross & Keelan Hancock doing their bit for Cornwall Centre – I think it’s Keelans first time?

WRT more local events I’ve posted  North Somerset’s Colin Stenner TTrial Results for you. Find them in the usual way?

I’ll have the GreyBeards Regs up in a day or two – I know Colin Sawyer has ridden it recently – but I expect him to be up in Fort William with Brian Newbury keeping tabs on things.

Keep smiling – & avoid the Norovirus all of you up there – you won’t be smiling if you get struck down though: Frank

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