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It’s Friday evening, following the finish of the Scottish Six Day Trial.

What wonderful week everyone had up there, we chose not to go this year & missed what must be the best ever weather, six days of wall to wall sunshine. What makes it worse is that every morning the Trials Guru (John Moffat) was anchoring Nevis Radio’s live You Tube broadcast from the West End Car Park. From 07:00hrs each morning i was shouting up the corridor, ‘it’s sunny up there’ on Monday, ‘it’s sunny again’ on Tuesday , ‘it’s still sunny’ Wednesday,’ we ought to have gone’ Thursday, ‘what a year to choose not to go’ Friday, ‘still sunshine, I wonder if Dougie can do it’ on Saturday. This didn’t improve Phyllis’s early morning mood! Next year it’ll hiss down?

In the end, as I rather hoped in one way, Dougie couldn’t do it, a precautionary dab in Section 5 was his only dab all week. Equalling, Gordon Jackson’s epic ride, we now have two legendary rides to talk about. Dougie is someone you would bet on soaking up the pressures that he must have been feeling from Day 2 onwards, & especially on Saturday morning, but with only one clean sheet, Sam Haslam’s, on  Saturday it obviously wasn’t an easy last day. That record 11th win for Dougie won’t be repeated for a while or more probably ever, and his single dab week has never been bettered.

So ‘local’ riders? I said earlier all our ‘runners’ were about where you might expect after the first day, they finished, Adam 39th 103m/l Special First Class Award, Scott 80th 216m/l, Ist timer Tom 91st 235m/l, Fred 105th 276m/l, Craig T 107th 279m/l, Gareth123rd 305m/l {all First Class Awards}, Mark C 158th 370m/l, Ian 180th 420m/l {both Second Class Awards} & Vicky 245th 616m/l Finishers Award. From this distance, Adam may not have had as good a ride as usual as John Shirt was higher up the finishing list & Ian would have hoped to do better, but I hear an off on Tuesday detuned him for the rest of the week & an X-ray back in Bath confirmed a broken rib, but that’s what you need to ride the Scottish, determination & grit to get you to the finish. Congratulations to all our riders, we’re proud of you.

Best ‘fairly local’ rider was SW Centre’s Joe Baker who placed 16th & Western Centre’s Matt Cristopher in 188th.

“Maler”s Funeral was held today, none of you will be surprised that all the Chapel seats were full & there were many having to stand outside in the entrance. “the girls”, Marcia, Jane & Paula jointly paid a family tribute which had many happy anecdotes, & Tony Beeching gave a thoughtful address which also had ‘typically Dave’ anecdote about Dave & a roll of chestnut paling being ‘rescued’ from the M40 which managed to unroll itself across the carriageways. As Tony said afterwards, no-one can compare with Dave as a raconteur, we are all shadows of the ‘master’ All were invited back to Pilton Village Hall afterwards & a lot of reminiscing went on. A lot of Dave’s poetry was passed around to remind us of another strand of the zest for life that Dave had. A remarkable man, a remarkable ‘family man’ he will be remembered with affection.     As you might expect amongst sporting motorcyclists, there was evidence of sporting injuries, Andy Scrivens with a collar bone broken Good Friday at Owlesbury – spat off an M-X outfit, & John Young had a bad encounter with a bike starting roller at the montlhery revival 2017 last weekend & has lost the tip of a little finger.

Results of the North Somerset Weymouth Trophy Time Trial at Ubley Drove are here: NSMSC Weymouth Trophy T:trial Results 060517 Steve Holcombe took the Premier award setting standard time & going clean in the sections, matched by Andy Frost who also went clean but dropped 4 on time  to take the best Non Trials machine class. The Regs & the Entry Form for the next NSMSC event, the Fowlers Trophy T/trial at Hanham Mills on 7th June (a Wednesday) are here: NSMSC Fowlers Trophy T:trial Regs & Entry Form 070617

The WWMC Tanner Trudge Entries are up to 25 today so get those Entry Forms filled in & sent of to Phyllis.

Its not ‘keep your feet up’ this time it’s ‘safe riding’ : see you soon Frank

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