Vacancies for Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary, Avery Cup Centre Champ Trial Results 26th Feb, NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T/trial Regs for 26th March available.

Good evening all,

The Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary have both given notice of their retirement – so it’s up to you guys to “step up to the plate” & volunteer if you want to continue to have events to ride – You have been warned!

We went over to the Avery Cup today & it was run over 4 laps of 10 Sections which made finding sufficient Observers easier, in fact Observers were oversubscribed**, so we had a day out watching riders in action in all the Sections & having time to chat with people. I wondered why Lee Hassall had the letters Molly on the bike, but worked it out later when we saw 4 generations  of Hassall’s in the quarry. Young Molly is only three months old with lovely blue eyes. Congratulations to Lee & Hannah – the hard work starts now!. Richard Elliott was out on his “new” Jotagas & very pretty it is too. Only 5 Experts, but some cracking (i.e. an achievement to clean them) Expert routes with Sections 3 & 4 observed by Mandy Jefferies & Neil Riddle, and Sections 7 & 8 observed by Colin Hassall & Jeff Budd respectively causing most mayhem for them. Kurt Brain was comfortably best Expert on 23m/l gaining most advantage, as Mick Perry will say, on Mandy’s section, which he cleaned every lap – one of those sections where catchers were wise & riders needed confidence to attack the vertical step & the drop off to get back down again. At the other end of the classes, Fin Kettle was looking very assured & showed Dad Lawrence how to do it in several Sections.

Results are here: K:wood Avery Champ Trial Results 260217260217

The NSMSC Jack Ball Chase 90minute Time trial Regs are available here: NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T:Trial Regs & Entry Forms for 26:03:17 thanks to Jerry Walters

Keep em up!: Frank

ps ** but we were  “propositioned” to observe at an out of Centre Trial at Easter!



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