WWMC: Tanner Trudge Results, NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T/trial Regs available

Here we are [at last] ——  yesterdays West Wilts Tanner Trudge Results   WWMC Tanner Trudge 2016 Results 12-06-16    Judging from numbers of complimentary comments on the day[thank you guys] & subsequent phone calls & mails from you riders, the Trudge lived up to its reputation as the tough event you expect it to be, so WWMC are delighted you thought so. We’re really pleased with your feedback, & once again, thanks to all who helped us, not forgetting Tim with the catering trailer. When you were up at 6oclock on Sunday morning  the Bacon Bap he serves up is a really gourmet feast after the event at one in the afternoon!

The Trudge truly is an event that has earned its reputation with riders who rode it yonks ago & their now adult children wanting (?) or being told they’ve “got to” (?) ride it.

Although we don’t give a Premier Award at the Trudge it was interesting to note Jason Hamblin lost 89 [68obs/21time] to take Best Trials, & Andy Frost who was best Non Trials lost 96 [83obs/13time] so maybe what was laid out for you all suited Trials machines best?

Jerry Walters has sent over NSMSC’s Smokehouse Timed Trials Regs which are here for you: NSMSC Smokehouse Trophy TT Regs & Entry Forms- 020716


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