NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT Regs available. More from Scotland …

Hi guys,

Here are the Regs & Entry Form for the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy Timed Trial – it’s a Wednesday evening event starting at 19:00hrs. NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT- Wed 170615

Picked up TMX this morning & noted the Stalker Castle picture  –  I took one as well but I think this is a more interesting picture IMG_0435

over the water is Eigg in the foreground & Rum in the background. Friday was a beautiful day that made up for the very wet Tuesday which I think this shot of first timer, Swindon member, Will King shows. Will got in with 3 minutes to spare before he would otherwise have ‘houred out’


Good to see Will & Brett finished the week with a 2nd Class Award, together with David Luff. Becky & Craig Talbot & Fred Adams took 1st Class Awards & first timer Gareth Talbot was about half way up the 2nd Class Awards – a result I would think he is pleased with. Next year we expect Victoria Payne to enter so we hope she will get a ride [& a finish].

I’ve already mentioned Adam’s O40 win, but he was pushed very hard by Dan Hemingway,  & Scott Cameron had a 1st Class. Mark Cameron had to retire with a punctured left hand – fending off a rock at Creag Lundie on Tuesday

Wednesday was a new day for everyone going down to Appin where there were three groups of two subs. We were very disappointed that many vehicles had parked off the road on the pavements & the grass verges & trashed the flowering daffodils. That is exactly the sort of wanton damage that local people [very reasonably] take exception to. I know I was apologising to locals, Phyllis was doing the same before we even talked to each other about it. Other ‘mature’ enthusiasts had been doing the same I found when talking to some more spectators on Saturday. It had also been noted by Ian Murphy one of our ACU Directors & it will, I’m sure, be fed back to the SSDT Committee by SACU Chairman Sandy Mack. The two subs at Big Dar’s Burn I wonder about, as I’m told there was a catcher on hand on the top sub, I know you can argue that the ‘Clubman’ riders won’t even get near it [so it won’t be dangerous for them], but does a six day event need sections of that degree of difficulty to sort out the top ten or twenty riders? I pondered about that.

See you soon: Frank


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