Mike Cornish’s Funeral detail. Wells John Stait Centre Champs TTrial Regs. Centre Trials Championship Tables & advance info.

Hello again,

Jerry Cross has passed on this message from Lee Cornish:

“Mike’s Funeral will be held at Wookey Hole Church on March 6th at 12.30pm. Lee also says that anyone who knew Mike well should get there early, as it’s a small church.  After the Service, there will be a get-together at Wells Football Club.”

Jerry has also sent the Regs Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Regs – 220315  & Entry Form Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Entry Form for 220315 for the eponymous Wells Centre Championships Timed Trial.

Pete Dury has updated?, no perhaps its compiled the Centre Trials Championship Points Table after the First [Kingswood] Round   2015 Centre Champ Tables as at 23:02:15  & he says


Championship positions after the first round attached.

There are 4 new classes in the championship this year – a Twinshock Class and 3 Youth Classes, Expert, A and B. There must be minimum of 3 competitors in each class for points to be awarded.

Although only one rider completed the course in the Twinshock class, three riders started so the winner of the class does get the points.

However, there were no entries in the Youth A class and only one entry in the Youth Expert and Youth B classes –  so no points were awarded in any of these classes.

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.

Cheers:   Pete Dury”

For everyones information, as you will have seen from the Centre Fixture card the next Trials Championship Round is Mendip Vales Traders on Easter Sunday, West Wilts are hoping to run The James Cup Trial at Becky addy Woods on Easter Monday as a Centre Championship Round, subject to the necessary Permissions, so the first two weeks of April may well have 3 Championship Rounds in 8 days! as the Frome Clubs Wyndham Haines Champ Trial is on the 12th April.

WWMC are also hopeful that things might fall into place to run a Saturday evening Timed Trial, a  Tanner Trudge, & a Sunday Hare & Hounds at Naish Hill in mid June, so watch this space!

One confirmed Event is BGRC’s British Clubmans Championship Grass Track which will be on Sunday 24th of May, lets hope the new track gives a good days racing without too much dust


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