BSSA Results 12th October – 5th Alan Brown! Fred Adams gets to the finish in his first ride at the Scott Trial yesterday

Hello all, great thing the internet, when its available!

So this afternoon I’ve been able to upload last Sundays 5th Alan Brown Results here: BSSA 5th Alan Brown Results 121014 & also they are now on the usual Page Michael S [!]

Respect! Delighted to see Fred Adams start, ride Section 35 & complete the course at yesterdays Scott Trial at his first try.

We had a conversation with another first timer [Rider Number 31 if you need to know] the evening before the Scott, & the young man talked of the time he would need to do  to be in with chance of a spoon! He didn’t get to 35! Of course I don’t know why that was, but as he wasn’t someone whom I had heard of previously, who lives on the Yorkshire/NW Centre boundary, so I was confident that my first target for newcomers , of getting to the finish, with the next target a Finishers Certificate was sound advice!

Another first timer, Ben Whitehead from Leeds who rode the Wessex Centre Championship Traders Trophy at Frys Bottom this year & who had  127m/l on the AB route then, like Fred, also completed the Scott course.

Scott Results: it was close Dabill, Michael Brown & Dougie in that order


ps UPDATE FRED WAS just 6minutes away from a finishers certificate. if only …..



ps when I have another reliable internet connection I’ll be able to post the RT Keedwell TT Regs, & the 6th Alan Brown Regs.

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