Wilts Border Endeavour Regs for this Sunday 5th Oct, Kingswood 3rd Club Series Regs for 26th Oct. Centre Champs, Kevin Gundry.

Hello all,

A couple of Regs available for you,

First the Wilts Border Closd to Club Endeavour Trial at the Piggeries on Sunday, click here: WBorder Endeavour 051014


Second the 3rd Kingswood Club Series at Knapps on Sunday 26th October, click here: Kwood 3rd Club Series 261014

Don’t forget the upcoming Centre Champ Events :  Wells Presidents Timed Trial on Sunday & the West Wilts Errington Cup on Sunday week. Get those Entries in now!



ps Kevin Gundry! Remember Kevin? Theresa tells me

As an aside, Mark and I were in Andorra for the World Championships and TDN the week before last, were walking through St Julia and a trials bike went past ridden by a minder, they turned round and came back to us, stopped and said, your Mark Talbot aren’t you. Mark confirmed he was, the rider said he was Kevin Gundry and rode with Mark over 20 years ago in the Wessex Centre. He emigrated to NZ some years ago from Yeovil and was with the NZ team as his son and daughter were riding!!!  Small world.”

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