So, what’s new? Youth Squad News. Centre Champs Ivan Manning TT Regs,

Hello all, Pete Culliford has been in touch to update me & importantly you youth riders about the Centre’s Training scheme. Succinctly,

Hi Frank,

I hope all is well, I am just looking at a provisional date for 1st training event for Wessex Youth riders to be held on 18-10-14 at venue TBC, can all interested riders please contact me on 07717 210168 to let me know if they can attend on this date and pass on details to any others that may be interested, We can then get the permit application sorted. Tom Culliford is in the process of setting up a Facebook page for Wessex Youth Squad so details can be posted here, details of this to follow. 

Cheers: Pete.
—————So get Saturday the 18th October on your calendar now, call Pete on 07717 210168 so he knows you can make the date. Tell anyone who doesn’t know about it & wants to be involved. I see Victoria Payne was R/up to Louise Alford yesterday in the A class age group at the British Championship Round held at Fremington Edge  just by Reeth yesterday. I see that Tom Culliford was up at the B class age group Round  in Northumbria two weekends ago. The ‘Youth Squad’ is aimed at helping you guys realising all your Trials potential. So we hope you’ll take advantage of the training days 

Becky Cook was R/up to Emma Bristow in the Adult Ladies  event at Fremington Edge. I did wonder if Donna Fox might enter as she rode the Seymour Arms Arena Trial. Pleased to see that the prime mover of that Event, Stu Robinson & the N Berks Club raised £420 with a raffle for RTA casualty Nikita Smith & dropped the cheque in on the way up to the Ladies Championship Round [report & picture at Trials Central].

The NSMSC Centre Championship Timed Trial Regs are now available, as I reminded you, it’s on 21st September & regs are here  NSMSC Centre Champ Ivan Manning TT – 210914

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