BSSA, 4th Alan Brown TT Results & rearranged Reg Lewis Trial Regs for 3rd August, The Trouble with Trials – Part Three


Jan Watkins has been busy & has sent over, firstly the 4th Alan Brown Timed Trial Results which are here BSSA 4th Alan Brown Results 080614

and secondly the Regs for the rearranged Reg Lewis Trial which is on the 3rd August at Elmington Manor & they’re here  BSSA Rearranged Reg Lewis Trial 030814

I promised you all more comments regarding Trials Entries & Closing dates etc. So here’s some more.

“… Hi Frank. I’m sorry not to be making the trip to B on A this Sunday.
As you probably know there is a Western Centre Championship round the same day. Several at the Swindon Club trial last Sunday regretted that they had to choose between two good trials.
I realise its not easy but it would be good to try and avoid such clashes next year. ……”

“Do more liaison with neighbouring Centres to try and avoid event clashes”

Frank comments: WWMC have moved James Cup dates, twice in the past that I recall, because of a clash with a neighbouring Centre’s Event. Are there too many Events or not enough Riders? Another comment I’ve had opines “It would not be possible to run road races on the basis of casual riders turning up with all the involved costs etc, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to run trials on a casual basis too.” You trials riders are lucky, the costs involved in cancellation are usually small, when WWMC cancelled it’s H&H recently there were significant costs to meet, contracting services for an event usually means cancellation fees are applied. Consider for instance the provision of Loos, if we were really environmentally friendly there would be a loo at all Trials. It might even encourage our ladies to turn out & help more, let alone the increasing number of lady entrants & parents supporting youth Competitors?

“…  a Centre Championship should be treated by riders as a pre enter event.” Frank wonders what you Riders think of the suggestion of Centre Championships being pre enter only! Would it just result in more events being cancelled?

 “What is the point of a closing date with one Fee & a slightly higher Fee for entry on the day. It should be one or the other.  …. ” Frank says I’ve been around long enough (its over 50  years since my first event!) to know that every Organiser prefers pre Entry, the enter on the day option has come about through de-regulation in the sport – the ACU is not now the sole Permitting Authority. Equally I know that times have changed, & the volunteer effort that goes into organising events is faltering. In the end I suspect all two wheeled sport will be commercially organised & there will be many fewer events for you the Rider to compete in.

By the way, I didn’t miss the strimming that I do for H&H events, I reckon this year at Naish Hill it would have taken at least a full day. I could get to like not doing that!  I reckon there are plenty of Organisers who probably feel the same way



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