NSMSC Valley Smokehouse TT Regs, The Trouble with Trials – Part Two

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it’s a nice warm sunny morning here but there’s some big cloud around!

The North Somerset MSC, Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial Regs are here, NSMSC Valley Smokehouse TT 050714

Thanks to all who have mailed &/or spoken to me since WWMC cancelled the Centre Championship James Cup Trial with ideas & and suggestions. I’ll outline a few here, remember that all items in quotes are selected by me & are not necessarily, in fact probably not, from the same correspondent.

“…..its real shame that a Centre Championship Round had to be cancelled. I think there is too much choice in general to riders, too many route and class options, turn up and enter on the day for £20 etc.”  ,     “… we had the same problem with the Traders with only about a dozen entries on the closing date and then another 50 who were prepared to pay £5 extra and enter on the day. Crazy I know, but first suggestion – keep the faith and carry on with the event !.”

Frank comments, keep the faith ?, organisers want to believe but in general want to know effort is going to be rewarded with a decent entry in exchange. In WWMC’s case it would have been if 15 riders had confirmed an entry.

” …. I think that in this hectic, and modern age, that we all now live in  that it would be a good idea to ask riders to enter their intention to compete in events via email to the club secretary.
My reasoning for this is that everyone seems to have handy easy access to a computer or mobile etc.
Perhaps the day of pre entry via postal service is at an end. ……”

“There must be an incentive to pre-enter. I believe that until Centres specify a minimum late entry fee for ALL trials of say, either £20/ £25 or either higher, then late entries will continue to be problematic. Our club charges £12.50 and £15 on the day, another club charges £15 and £20 on the day. Neither suffer any reduction in day entries, although a couple of riders grizzled that £20 was too high and stayed away. Mind you they have got bikes that cost a couple of grand plus! At our last trial we had 14 entrants on the week before then 45 on the day. How as a Clerk of Course do how I know to mark the severity of the sections? ”

Frank comments: Maybe Postal Entries are doomed, & On-line Entries are the way forward, but would it increase confirmed entries before the closing date? I’m guessing not? Frank agrees wrt : late entry fees need to be higher when there is a closing date several days in advance of the Event. WWMC only had a couple of quid extra for late entries, a tenner would be more like it. I completely agree with the CofC’s section severity problem, WWMC had no Expert entries before cancellation.

For the sake of brevity in this post,  I’ll reflect back to you more comments that you have made in a future post. Frank





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