BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Regs for 8th June, NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT Regs for Wednesday 11th June. Loch Lomond 2day Trials Reports

Hi guys,

Here are the BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Series Regs & Entry Form for Sunday weeks Event: BSSA 4th Alan Brown 080614  , thanks to Jan Watkins, & Jerry Walters has mailed over the Regs for the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT starting at 19:00hrs on Wednesday week. I see Andy Frost is CofC. Download them here NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT 110614   My apologies to NSMSC it seems I’ve overlooked posting them for nearly a fortnight. Time for me to be put down?

Here’s a little report on an event in Scotland – the Loch Lomond 2day Trial which, well read Pete Cullifords  bit below, I have to say I didn’t realize that our riders got that far up country, that’s good to know & that Chris Adams helps out the Club

Good Morning Frank,
Just a bit of info for you, Wessex riders; Lee Hassell, Rich Knott, Tom Culliford, Fred Adams, Dean Hassell pictured at the start of day 2 of Loch Lomand 2 day trial which was held in typical Scottish countryside, Day 1 (38 subs over approx 35 miles of moorland) the lads were first away, sections were very slippery, time limit was 6.5 hours, well over half the entry were late on time inc our lads but all got back to the finish with their stories of the moor crossings. Day 2 consisted of 2 x laps of 26 subs, about a 13 mile lap with a 5 hour limit.  All was going well with one and a half laps completed when Dean had a big crash on the moor off a 5 foot rock, he broke his front brake and had to retire. Otherwise all back in with time to spare on day 2 as their starting order was at the back today. Fred tells us that this is a close as you can get to SSDT terrain!!! No results as yet but I will let you know as and when we get them. Thanks go to Chris Adams who was COC and his family who have been setting out this trial for a number of years.


LLomond 2day

You can read the Trials Central Report here Loch Lomond 2Day Trial 2014 It’s nice to see the Clubs thanks to the helpers from Scotland & Bristol.

Good to hear the Lyn Traders National Trial wasn’t cancelled this year but it was a close run thing I hear, only 30 entries by the closing date. A slightly ‘elastic’ closing date got that up to 38 on Friday & I suspect some entries actually taken on the day. That does say to me that there is a problem either there aren’t enough active riders, or that riders will not commit themselves to events. From where I am, I can see organisers stopping putting on events for you, the riders. But I’ll return to some analysis of this another time.

Watch this space: Frank

ps West Wilts have cancelled their Hare & Hounds due to run on Sunday – again not enough committed entries by the closing date to make the event viable for the organising team

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