NSMSC Results & Regs, Chris Kelly, SSDT Day One

Hello all,

Here we are for North Somersets latest news, the Wymouth Trophy Timed Trial on the 17th May, here  NSMSC Weymouth Trophy TT- 170514 & the Colin Stenner Trophy Timed Trial Results from Saturday 3rd May, hereNSMSC Colin Stenner TT 030514

Saturday saw WWMC at Cumberwell Park celebrating Chris Kelly & Ian Nairn having ‘tied the knot’ together with lots of their other friends & family, Chris, as you know has been our Comps Secretary for a long time. An excellent evening.

Up in Scotland Ricky Wigginsis 9th & Adam Norris 32nd after Day 1, by the look of the footage I’ve seen its been dry without much water in the sections although umbrellas were up at Lagnaha. 3 clean sheets so far Sam Connor James Dabill & Dougie Lampkin, its going to be really close at the finish I reckon. Oh & Richard Allen was 3rd in the pre65 event.

See you soon, Frank

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