Sundays Salutation Novice Trial Regs available, Centre Trials Championship Tables & Grading List. TSR 8 – Requirement for Youth Riders to have a Lanyard operated ignition cut-out.

Good morning,

Please find Sundays Wilts Border Trial Regs here WBorder Salutation Novice 020314

I see that my suggestion that Kurt would post best performance at the Championship Avery Cup Trial last Sunday proved correct.As it happens Kurts winning margin over Rob of 7 marks can be explained by their performances in my section! Only in Section 3 did Rob prove ‘better’ than Kurt [by 6marks] so it was actually pretty close between them. It proved to be a good competition between them, hopefully we will see Rob at more of our Championship Rounds during the year.

As I wasn’t copied into the Avery Results, I had to hunt them down on Monday morning via the link [see the right hand frame] provided to Kingswoods own website. However, Pete Dury has sent over Centre Championship Placings after this, the first Round, together with the new 2014 Wessex Centre Trials Grading List. You can find this/them here 2014 Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 24:02:14

I draw the attention of all those adults responsible for Youth Riders, & all Event Officials, that youth riders have “an operational lanyard operated cut out device” fitted to their machine.  See TSR 8 in your 2014 ACU Handbook.

You or your Rider can expect to be stopped from starting the Event if you do not comply


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