Centre Trials Champs: Date changes from the current Centre Fixture card. The Regs for the 2nd Round, Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial now available.

For the avoidance of doubt, {thanks for being on the ball Roger} The first 2014 Centre Championship trial is the Wilts Border  Clubs ‘Border Cup’ on  2nd February. Regs are not yet available. The second Round is the Kingswood Clubs Avery Cup Trial, & Regs are available. The James Cup has been moved from 9th February to the 18th of May

The Centre  List of Events January 2013 – February 2014, now shows incorrect dates for the Avery & the James Cup as both Events have had date changes applied.

The new Centre  2014/15 List of Events is with the printer & will be available to Clubs shortly

As above, Kingswood’s Regs are now available, click Kwood Avery Cup 230214 & on the 2014 Events Page found in the right hand sidebar.


ps Your thanks to all the Club Members who attended the Regional T&E CofC & Steward Seminar at Warmley last night. Without them our sport will be diminished.

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