Wells Miller Cup Regs are available! & note the date is now the 5th January [moved from the 12th] & other things.

Hello all,

First apologies to Jerry Cross for not having posted these Regs sooner, but please find them now in the usual place, or click this link Wells Miller Cup Regs for 050114

There’s another set of Regs posted for you, from Tony Colman [click here to see them ] NSMSC Regs & Entry Form CTC Phillips T T 120114  or they are in the usual place. As you can see these are for  North Somerset MSC’s Phillips Trophy restricted Timed Trial on the 12th January.

Note that these two Events have swapped the dates that were published in the Centre Fixture Card that I know you all keep in your wallets?

Next, Pete Dury has worked out the final Trials Championship placings after the last Round at the  Knut Trial, & you can find them by clicking here 2013 Final Centre Trials Champ Tables or look for  “Champ Points Tables for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010”  in the right hand sidebar.

On your behalf I’d like to thank Pete for his efforts during the year. Pretty well without fail he has updated them within a couple of days of each Championship Round. Thanks from all of us Pete — hear hear!

I’m not sure if any of ‘us’ has entered the Southern Experts [have we ?] but if you have then good luck tomorrow. TMX [Mick Perry’s Report] reckoned Sam Haslam had a good warm up for the Southern Experts at the Knut, but when I looked at the Report page I thought ‘crumbs, TMX is discriminating against blokes as both pictures are of Ladies, Becky & Victoria! If the pictures were Linda Ashford’s which I imagine they were, Phyllis assures me that Linda took pictures of all riders getting to & past the ends cards in her long gully section. Fellas, maybe you’ve got to be better looking to get your picture published? I also read that “David’ Clothier was best 050 so we’ve sorted that out for you ‘Dai’.

I’ve just applied for the Training Permit for the Regional T&E Licencing Seminars I’m running at Warmley for you on 14th & 28th January, & started my Booking in List. I’ve only got 4 names inked in so far, & the list I’ve been given of those of you whose Licences end on 31st December adds up to 18!

Names to me with preferred date by 31st December please.


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