Bad News: Jim Webb and the Bristol Post. Wells Presidents Time Trial Regs Available

Hello to all,

I have to bring bad news today. Firstly Jim Webb, Jim suffered a stroke late last Thursday/early Friday. He was rapidly taken & admitted to Salisbury General and is said to be comfortable. We all hope that Jim will not be affected significantly, & send him and Vi our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Secondly, the letter I reproduce below is self explanatory. At present Mick has heard nothing from the Western Daily along the same lines, but obviously they too may make a similar decision. Mick tells me he has been reporting to the Post since 1965! Wow, that’s a long time. Mick is still doing the exercises & the physio prescribed after his heart attack & is hoping to be fit enough to get to events himself around the Xmas/New Year time.

Although it’s unlikely that the Bristol Post will change it’s mind, if enough readers stand up to be counted & tell the Post how they value Mick’s contributions, you might just do it?


“Dear Mick,

re sport freelance contributions

The Post is about to change the way it approaches sports stories and in so doing, we have decided that some sports, which over the years we have covered, will no longer be treated in the same way.

To this end, The Post is sorry to to tell you that the freelance cover that you supply will no longer be required as of Monday October 7th.

It is no reflection on the excellent work that you have done on behalf of The Post over many years, but more a change of direction in the way that the paper covers sport.

Change has become the norm here at The Post while we may long no longer want the sports copy that you have provided over many years we would still very much appreciate you contacting us, as and when you feel we should be aware of any specific sports stories.

You have been The Post’s eyes and ears in certain sports and hope that you may continue to fulfil that role.

Please accept my sincere thanks for the work that you put in on our behalf.

Yours sincerely, Rob Perkins, Sports Editor, Bristol Post”

Jerry Cross has sent over the Regs for the Wells & District Trials Club’s Presidents Trophy Centre Championship Timed Trial on 6th October, you can find them on the appropriate Page or click here  Wells Presidents TT Champ Regs 06:10:13

Great Event at Farleigh Castle over the week-end, a very slick, well organised event I thought, noticed Bill Brown had a very pretty ‘Maiumph’ in the paddock, good to see Dudley & Martin Witt & lots of other people there. Did anyone buy a Mojo Futuretech holographic wristband there? If you did, let us know if it works for you!



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