Back from Leave! More haste less speed! Lots of new stuff to post for you.

Good morning all, we’re back from  France equipped with both Breton & Norman Cidre Bouche!

The heatwave began while we were away & it continues. What a wonderful day on Saturday for Ian & Jodie Shuttleworth’s wedding. Even Christchurch in Bradford on Avon was hot I’m told, & churches are often some of the coolest places to be when it’s hot outside. Lots of small children at the evening do & they seemed indefatigable with spacehoppers, bouncy castles, balloons & footballs to play with!

Right, we’ve a lot of stuff to post up during the day, First off we’ve posted the Kingswood Club’s Regs & Entry Forms for their Open 2 day Classic, twinshock & non Expert trial at Lambs Lair on 31st August & 1st September, and their next Centre Trials Championship Round, the Hawkesbury Trophy on 29th September.

Second are the Regs & Entry Form for the North Somerset ‘Tattoo Time” 90min. Timed Trial [with 2hour style Sections] on Saturday 10th August

More follows during the day.

Next up, remember I was not clear about the S/car Results at the ICTT, Wendy & Ron Eddings posted replies to my Trials Central query, the Results posted did not include all the laps, there were 3 laps of 12 sections, not 3 laps of 8 as I had deduced. Reading Terry Crabtree’s Report in TMX after we got back home makes it sound as the sections may have been too tough?  Both the Dave Nourish/Andy Wright & Lee Granby/Ali Haigh duos suffered arm injuries in crashes that stopped them from riding any more sections & asking for “5’s”?

More haste less speed!  —–

As noted above we’re back home now, & I have the benefit [?] of being able to send & receive emails. Before leaving I was keen to get something up about the ICTT, & to answer a query that had been raised about something else.   In my haste, – it was Monday, the day after the Solo event, now we’re home it seems from my inbox that I may have given the impression that I was underwhelmed with our Result. If that’s how it came across, I’m sorry, that wasn’t how I read it.

I see I said ‘we did fairly well’, I’m happy to confirm the Results show  we had 6 Centres behind us, & 11 Centres in front of us, so we were 12th overall. I’m sure the Team were pleased to have beaten Western Centre who were 1 place. behind us in the  Their Centre Web-Site Report says ‘ —–we beat 6 other teams to have our best result in years at this event ——‘ & acknowledges that Wessex ‘pipped them’

My inbox also has a Report on the Solo day from Roger Brain, which I’ll post asap.

More follows during the day.

Rogers Report on the ICTT is posted

More follows tomorrow!


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