Todays – 27th May Kingswood Charity Trial Results, Wells Lawford TTrial Regs for 23rd June, North Somerset Valley Smokehouse TTrial Regs for 6th July

Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a good long week-end. I was asked to steward the Lynn Traders on Sunday, but it was cancelled for too few Entries. Shame on you, it’s a cracking Trial. So we went down anyway & had  a couple of circular walks. One of them started at Charles, went round to Charles Bottom [!] & back to Charles. One of the local people said that her Mum used to refer to a bit of land in the Village as Diana’s bed so they obviously worked out the Charles/Charles Bottom association. Charles also has a cabinet next to the post box for a defibrillator, in my usual fashion I checked it out, no defibrillator actually in it, it hadn’t been nicked though, as the box had only been put up the day before, but the villagers thought the same as I did, it will have been nicked before someone needs to use it. Still we were lucky with weather a – fair bit of sunshine, no rain, & wild garlic & bluebells in abundance. Managed to spot 7 or 8 orchids as well.

Today we were at the Kingswood Charity Trial up at Breakheart Quarry, where CofC Gary Dando had to emphasise at the Rider Briefing that the site was sensitive to complainants so that Riders had to be on best behaviour, or the venue could be lost in spite of the Community Project Directors support for Motor Cycle Trials. An entry of 55 including 17 Youths, a few more would have been good but thanks to all who supported the event & especially those who donated a prize, for the raffle. Best Expert was Lee Hassall, & we’ve posted the Results for you in the usual place.

As per the headline we’ve also posted the Regs for the upcoming Wells & North Somerset Time Trials for you in the usual place.

See you soon: Frank

ps Our Clive was at Alton Towers last Thursday & had snow & sleet, they had to retreat to the indoor water park! Another topsy turvy year, it’ll soon be mid summer won’t it?

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