Yesterday was nice! Trials Champ Tables Update after Mendips’ Round. My question answered. Regs Available, BSSA hour & a half Glenis Sinclair Timed Trial

Hello all,

what a lovely day yesterday, wall to wall sunshine, very welcome. Thought about popping up to Cirencester Park for Swindon’s Corinium but didn’t, still made porage for breakfast though. Having used rolled oats for ages I’ve got the hang of that, but now another success, milled oats. When we were over in Cambridge we all went to a National Trust pace that has a working water mill, Lode Mill, that was selling the oats they were milling as a demonstration. A different technique  to make the porage {add the milled oats to boiling milk/water rather than bringing the rolled oats/milk/water to a boil} before simmering. Right that’s the cooking advice over.

Looked over the Entry List for the Corinium, quite a number of guys entered had made to trip to Lossiemouth for the disrupted first British Championship Enduro Championship Round. Mrs Smart [Phyllis] said, when I told her the Police pulled everyone in for roadside checks said, just as TMX did, ‘why didn’t they just do that in the paddock before the event? I suppose because on private ground the Police have no jurisdiction over Road Traffic Act infarctions – insurance, Road Fund Licences, size of Licence Plates etc. Of course they could have done that on private land [with permission, I presume?] & explained that appropriate riders would be booked if they ventured onto the public highway? They would have made their point. As it was they caused, as you can imagine, a very significant kerfuffle.

Pete Dury has updated the Trials Champ Tables for you & they are now posted in the usual place. Mendip Vale had got an excellent entry in both quality & number, and Kurt Brain is currently leading the Experts, early days but it could end up very close at the end of the Season.

My question about the Winner, G Chandler, brought the following info from Kevin Hart “FYI, Geoff Chandler unfortunately passed away a good few years ago. He was only in his fifty’s I believe.
His son Gary used to ride Trials, but I’ve not seen him around for a while now.
Guy Chandler is not related in any way. I think he lives Petersfield way. A very steady National rider who competes in the S3 rounds.”

Thanks, Kevin, for putting me right. I must ask why “The Sporting MotorCyclist” doesn’t seem to carry Southern Centre Trials Championship Tables from time to time. I do assume they run a Championship Series.

Jan has also sent across the Regs & Entry Form for the 90 minute Glenis Sinclair Memorial Timed Trial, on 28th April there’s a limit of 60 on the Entry so get your Entry in pdq I suggest

See you soon, oh & it won’t be long before it’s SSDT week although there isn’t a confirmed list of riders yet I think Jerry Cross will be there. I’ll have fingers crossed for a Finish for Jerry after last years enormous disappointment, timing out on the Friday.


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