BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Trial Results from 17th March. North Somersets’ Jack Ball Chase Regs for 14th April

Hello again!

Just Posted – Results from the Reg Lewis Trial, that Jan Watkins has sent across. I see that Luke & Josh Golding are now able to be a a “dynamic duo” on an outfit, and the Regs for the North Somerset Jack Ball Chase Timed Trial. You can find theem in the usual places!

In the Ladies & Girls British Champs. Round run on Sunday by Stuart Robinson & the North Berks Club, I see Becky had to give best to Emma, but Victoria triumphed in the A class. A tough day for her as she had a 50:50 split of Sections laid out for the Championship Ladies: Ladies Support routes

Still pretty foul weather everywhere – but Summertime starts, when is it, next weekend I think!



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