Wilts Border Salutation Novice Regs Posted, ACU Ben Fund benefits by £1000.00, BGRC on 17th March – Postponed, etc. etc.

Hello all,

We’ve just posted tomorrows Salutation Novice Regs for you [!] in the usual place!

The West Wilts Club Dinner had the Auction in aid of the Ben Fund that we told you about. Thanks to Clive Jones who ran the bidding, the prize donors & the bidders, plus a top up from Club  Funds, the splendid sum of £1000 was raised. As is the way of these things a donated prize of free petrol [value £50] sold for, I think £70, which sounds like a real bargain for the winner! A number of the other lots sold in similar fashion.

You’ll not be surprised to hear the Grass Track scheduled for the 17th has been postponed – the low side of the field is still waterlogged – the re-arranged fixture is now  for the 19th of May

More chatter later – Frank

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