Monday update! — Rugby Meeting, NSMSC Time trial & BSSA Solo & S/car Trial Regs & Entry Forms — On Friday!

Good morning all.

We don’t often tell you about the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on to try & keep things running smoothly, but one of the things that  has been bothering the Wessex Centre is the way we don’t hear about Events that are going to happen in the Centre. You all know there are 3 major venues that can host National & International – Frome, Foxhill & Farleigh Castle.  [This ignores the Weston Beach Race – but the same applies]

You know that as a Club you apply to run an event via Mike Fear our Permit Secretary, or if its a National you apply to Rugby after having your Permit application countersigned by Theresa. If you are a Promoter, or you want cheapo Basic Insurance, or you are a Non Territorial Club you should also get your Permit Application countersigned by Theresa { that ensures the Centre knows that an Event is very very likely to happen }. But that doesn’t happen in almost every case.

So on Saturday we had a whinge at Rugby to try & get better liasion between Rugby & ourselves. We’ll see if things improve. Oh & we aren’t being picked on, it happens to other Centres as well.

There is still ‘flak’ from SE Centre about the perception that it’s easier to run events outside the ACU than inside it. I’m not sure this will ever be resolved, but I’m sure that our Directors understand the difficulties & do their level best to improve things. After all, if we don’t like things as they are, any of us is able to see if we have support for a nomination to a Sport Committee or as a Director, and then to see if we can gain enough support to be elected.

One interesting statistic I gathered on Saturday was that 60% of riders with Competition Licences or Trials Registrations have chosen to apply for them on-line. I’m sure that tells us ACU is forward looking enough to introduce something that riders are finding useful.

Now a little confession, I started writing this on Monday & now its Friday & it’s only just been completed! I’ve been busy. Only ‘Senior Citizens’ will know how busy you can be when you’ve nothing to do! Ask them! So we’ve posted Regs for a couple of  Trials in the usual place. That’s the North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Timed one on 10th March & the BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Observation one on 17th March

Don’t forget the Centre Champ Avery Trial runs on Sunday. See you there?  ————-   Frank

ps I hear Maler has made some pithy comments which may be heard at West Wilts 80th Anniversary Dinner tonight.

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