Phillips Trophy TT Results, Avery Cup Centre Trials Champ Regs, Corinium Regs available on 7th Feb ….

As headline, we’ve posted North Somersets, Phillips Trophy TT Results, & the new set of Regs for Kingswoods’ re-arranged Avery Cup ‘First Round’ of the Centre Trials Champs {it might actually be the Second Round} if West Wilts don’t need to postpone the James Cup. This crazy year who knows what might happen?

We haven’t posted the Swindon Corinium Time Card Enduro Regs cos’ they aren’t due to be published until 7th February! It’s a very popular Event so be sure to check Swindons website at We’ll post them here as well when we’ve got em.

I seem to remember making a critical comment about the ACU web-site when it became apparent that ACU Ltd had taken a five year lease on the FoxHills circuit? I’m not sure how long its been up but  gives us a bit more info – Clubs can hire the circuit & some of the jumps will be “tamed”  so that riders who don’t have GP aspirations can handle it.

Stand-by for a post of hard working Mike Fears’ collation of Trials dates within & around the Centre, a very helpful list if you are planning your season!

Bye for now – Frank

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