Southern Expert anyone? Latest Centre Champs Trials Placings & Timed Trials tie break change. North Somerset Club TT Champ Final Placings, Wells Mike Cornish TT Results, NSMSC Richard Sage TT Regs & Entry Form

Hi everyone,

Haven’t yet discovered the Southern Experts Results, but it’ll be interesting to see how our Wessex guys did. It was an early start [09:30hrs] for first man away, & although it was sunny here in the morning, I’m not sure the ground at Hook Woods would have got any of it through the trees, or if the  slopes face away from morning sun. We’ll see.

Pete Dury has updated his Championship Tables, later than sometimes but I know he’s had some Family things that have taken all his ‘spare’ time lately. Although there’s still the Knut to be run on this Sunday, Pete says:-

“With one round to go, the updated championship tables are attached. As far as I can see, congratulations go to Gary Marshman who is confirmed as the 2012 Wessex Centre Champion for the second year running with Colin Crease as runner up.  [I agree with Pete, even if Colin takes 15 Champ points & Gary got none, it’s still in the bag for Gary – Frank]

Michael Ell has topped the Clubman class with Richard Elliott winning the Over 40 award and Dai Clothier the Over 50 class. Well done guys.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes – this was all done in a bit of a rush.”

We’ve added the updated Final Trials Class of the TT Champs, to reflect the fact that Jerry Cross took second from Jason Hamblin by virtue of his ‘most wins’ tie break after they both finished with 60 points. Interesting that first & third men Simon [Prideaux] & Jason both rode every Round, whereas second & fourth placed men, Jerry & Andy [Frost] both only rode four of the six.

Turning to Club TT Champs, Jerry Walters says “Following the final round of the North Somerset Club Time Trial Championship at Stanton Wick Lane, congratulations go to new 2012 club champions Pete King in the Trials Class and Andy Frost in the Scrambles Class.

The Trials Class Championship could not have been closer, with Pete and Jason Hamblin both finishing on 75 points. Pete takes the title on the tie breaker, having one 3 Trials against Jason’s 1 win in the series.

Final Championship tables attached.  View these Tables here: NSMSC 2012 Club TT Champs Final Tables

Cheers – Jerry”

I know it’s not luck at all but Jason Hamblin must be rueing his ‘bad luck’ in losing out on a tie break in  his Club & the Centre  TT Champs!

More stuff tomorrow: Frank

The NSMSC RTC Richard Sage  TT Regs & Entry Form on 16 November 2012 are now available in the usual place!

And the Wells Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial Results are here Wells Mike CornishTT Results 02/12/12.pdf


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