Southern Experts Solo & Sidecar Trial Regs & Entry Forms for 2nd December – Hook Woods

Hi all,


Don’t forget the Southern Experts Trial is coming up soon.

The Solo event has Classes for Expert, Youth A, Clubman Expert & Expert twin shock. The hard route is for Experts, Youth A can opt for the hard or easier Route, other classes ride the easier route. With Jim Connor as CofC you can anticipate he’ll get it just about right for you. I’d imagine there might be two Jotagas’s in the Experts, Joe Baker & Ross Danby, but with the likes of James Fry Sam Connor Alexz Wigg it’ll be tight at the top. Great venue if you haven’t been there.

Ther’s a Sidecar event as well with Andy Cheeseman setting out, so again you know it’ll be good. Again there’s two routes, hardest for the Experts, easier for the Clubmen.


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