Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Centre Trials Champ Round 4th November – Cancelled. New venue for Wells Presidents Centre Champ Timed Trial Round on 28th October Regs available for BSSA 6th Alan Brown TT on 4th November

Bad news, Theresa has just sent this message

Hi Frank,
Can you  please advise everyone on the Chattering that we have had to unfortunately cancel the Autumn Trophy due to be run on 4th November due to land access problems.
Many thanks     —-    Theresa
 The wet weather I guess.
Soon be Ricky Wiggins start time up in Feldom Lane, Mark Cameron will have been out for nearly an hour already, as I tap away, yes its Scott Trial day – I guess it’ll be a slowish standard time today unless its a lot drier up there than it is down here!
Jerry Cross has been in touch to say Wells have managed to re-arrange their Presidents Timed Trial Centre Championship Round at Rookham tomorrow week, I’ve added the Regs in the usual place.
Jerry says “Hi Frank,
I’ve managed to find a new venue for the Presidents time trial to be run on the new date of October 28th. The new venue will be Rookham near Wells and will still be a round of the Wessex Center time trial championship. …………. The Regs will also be available on www.wellstrials.co.uk very shortly. Anyone who previously entered the event please contact me as I have held entry forms and fees in anticipation of being able to find a new venue . [my italics – frank]
Thanks: Jerry
Regs for the BSSA 6th Alan Brown Timed Trial  on 4th November are now posted in the usual place!
See you all soon …  Frank

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