BSSA’s 5th Alan Brown Results posted, 6th Alan Brown Regs up soon, T&E CofC/Steward Regional Seminars, Southern Experts Regs,

Hello all,

I seem to have been busy since Sunday, but here’s some things for you, as above.

The 5th Alan Brown TT Results are in the usual place for you! The 6th Alan Brown Regs are awaited.

Quite a number of people in the Wessex Centre have Regional Trials & Enduro Licences as Clerks of Course &/or Steward that run out at the end of the year. I’ve made provisional reservations to run two Licencing Seminars at Warmley Community Centre one on Wednesday 14th November & a second one on Tuesday 27th November. Usual format is to start at 7:30pm & run through to 10:30pm. I’ll need to know who you are, & when you want to come & I’ll try to fit you all in when you prefer.

The list of people whose Licence runs out on 31/12/12 I’ve been given has 27 names on it, so it sounds like two groups of 15, I’ll circulate Clubs with the names asking for feedback on preferred dates.

The Southern Experts Trial is at Hook Woods this year, & assuming Jim Connor is CofC I’m sure it will be a good event Regs up will be up asap.

You may have read about the kerfuffle that MSA Authorisation is causing, by way of clarification ACU General Secretary, Gary Thompson, has issued this guidance

“I would also like to remind everyone that if an event does not follow a prescribed route then Authorisation is not required. I have pasted below a hypothetical scenario from our FAQ’s paper recently distributed which demonstrates an example of when Authorisation would not be required:

For example you were organising a Trials event with a Course that included some use of the public highway.  The Trial consisted of twelve groups of four sub-sections each of which riders had to attempt 36 (therefore not having to visit them all).  The riders were able to sign on at the Group of their choice – and there was no designated or prescribed route for them to follow.

In this circumstances there would be no requirement for this type of event to apply for MSA Authorisation.”

So you can see trials that involve roadwork do not per se require Authorisation: phew that’s good Frank

That’s it for the moment: Frank

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