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Just been down in Bradford shopping, & I was given licence to loiter in St Margarets Car Park as bikes were gathering there. A couple of dozen or so bikes of all ages & vintage from pre-war [Velo MOV, BSA 750 side valve V twin?] to modern ‘classics’ Guzzi & BMW. I even spotted a belt drive bike  – but it was a modern rubber belted Beemer. As you might expect on a Thursday morning most were Vintage riders, but fair do’s at least they were out using them on a non competitive VMCC run.

Now to sporting things, several things to post for you in no particular order, WWMC H&H Results from last Sunday, thanks to Tom Gerken, a Centre Trials Championship update from Pete Dury, the Kingswood Hawkesbury Trophy Trials Championship Round results from Sunday via Mike Fear, Regs for Fromes’ Selwood Novice Trial on 18 November thanks to Mary, North Somerset Regs for both the Timed Trial on 21/10/12 & their Presidents Centre Championship Trial on 25/11/12 thanks to Tony Colman

The Frome Dinner/Dance this year  is on the 3rd November at the Standerwick Centre at Frome Market, tickets are a very reasonable £18 and can be obtained from Mary on 01761 435035.

Everything mentioned above, except the NSMSC’s Presidents Regs are posted. We’re working on those they will be up asap.

& another taster, we’ll have a Rider questionnaire on the site soon, if you respond, your voice will have been heard before the Centre decides on next years Trials Champ Rules.  That’s mainly the Stop/No Stop debate & decision.

This is Pete’s comment after the Hawkesbury on Sunday

I have attached the updated championship tables after Sundays excellent Hawkesbury Trophy Trial.

Gary Marshman has increased his lead in the championship with Lee Hassall moving up to 3rd spot.

Jason Attwell has also increased his lead in the AB Class with Gareth Talbot moving up to 3rd place and Nathan Pekala jumping up to 6th.

Also increasing his lead in the B class is Ben Squance with Matthew Hanney and Michael Ell moving up to 4th and 5th respectively.

Aaron Hayward has taken over the lead in the C Class in the absence of Russell Benson.

In the Over 40 class Richard Elliott has taken over the lead from Tim Wheeler with Mark Talbot moving up to 3rd.

Dave Fry extended his lead over Martin Strang who I understand became an OAP on the day of the trial. Dai Clothier made the trip across from Wales to establish himself in 3rd place (although I suspect he went back via Gloucester to avoid the bridge toll).

Many thanks to all who helped organised a really enjoyable trial and to all the observers.

As always, please let me know if I have made any mistakes with the tables or if you have any queries

Thanks: Pete Dury

Download the Results here: Centre Champ Tables after the 5th Round on 30:09:12


See you soon: Frank

ps I wondered who B Cox was at the Kingswood Trial on Sunday [he was best Expert]. Pete Dury has him down as Bradley Cox, which confirms my guess, as I don’t know where he lives, I didn’t want to speculate!

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