We’ve rather a lotof things to update you on …… The Phoenix in Flames

Hi all, for various reasons including a few days away – to see the last National Ladies & Girls Championship Trial up between Leeds & Bradford in Tong,  we’ve not updated you as promptly as you would wish.

So here goes, all will be up to date by lunchtime I’m sure.

Just one thought to share with you at the moment. At the Frome Ron Jefferies Restricted to Centre Trial there were just two Observers who were associated with a rider! Do you riders really want to have  Competitions where you are ‘self observing’? It’s great to see lots of riders competing, but …………….  ’nuff said?

Right, here are the latest Regs & Results that are available in todays site update: Regs for the BSSA 5th Alan Brown Club Restricted Timed Trial, Regs for Wilts Borders’ Endeavour Cup Club Restricted Trial & Results for the BSSA 2hour Brian Hudson Timed Trial.

Jerry Cross reminds you about  that the regs are available on www.welltrials.co.uk for the Wells Centre Championship Presidents Timed Trial on the 7th of October at Emborough . Please note I think the Clubs website is down at the moment, so I cant find them either. I’ll post them on here as soon as I get them direct from Jerry.

Sorry to hear at the last Board Meeting that the Bristol Phoenix Club has been wound up by Gary Scrivens. Maybe the Phoenix will rise again some time? The [smallish] amount of Club funds has been donated to the Benevolent Fund.


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