North Somersets’ Fowlers Trophy TT Results, Correction of wrong date on BSSA’s 4th Alan Brown TT Regs. Are you stopping someone else having a ride?

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Jerry Walters has sent over Results of the Fowlers Trophy TTrial last Wednesday. You can find them on the Results  Page

Jan Watkins has amended the [incorrect] date on the Regs for BSSA’s 4th Alan Brown TT from 12th to the 10th. I’m sure if you  had downloaded them you thought ‘this is odd the 12th June is a Tuesday!’ The posted Regs now show the correct date

I notice that these Alan Brown Regs have highlighted in red

‘Entry form/fee via post or enter on  day only  to Jan Watkins due to too many riders telephone bookings and not arriving on day’

We know all Clubs want riders to come to their events, s & that we don’t like to turn them away, but some riders push it too far don’t they.
 I guess it’s also “looks like rain don’t think I’ll ride today”  Riders don’t all realise that someone else could have taken over ‘their’ ride It’s especially important if the Club has an Entry Limit for instance?
As Jan says ‘ I think SOME riders,  just don’t appreciate the time it takes organizing these events especially all the paperwork involved. If a rider sends his entry and payment in, but then cannot ride for a good reason, provided they let me know via telephone or text 24 hrs before the event then I will EITHER keep their payment back for the next event if they want to ride OR return the payment to them.  If they do not show on day without prior notification then they will forfeit their payment.
Many Clubs will allow ‘entry on the day’ for an additional fee. Certainly WWMC does, having a closing date a few days before the event helps the event run more smoothly with less queuing up time for you!. We at WWMC will always accept a genuine reason for no-show as long as you let us know before the event & refund your money. BSSA as Jan says above do the same. I’d be staggered if any Club in the centre did otherwise. So come on guys if we’re talking about you just get your Entry & Money to the Secretary by the deadlines & don’t leave an unfilled gap in the starting lineup.
Bye the bye, I know some Clubs can take on line Entries & Money electronically via Credit/Debit card/PayPal. Most small Clubs aren’t in a position to do this, as the costs outweigh the advantages to riders, but here’s a heads up – the ACU is trialling an online entry/payment system that can be made available to any of its Clubs in future. Rugby is gradually moving forwards – the online Licencing system seems to be giving benefits to Riders already from what I see & hear?
As ever any comments are welcome: Frank


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