Beware – Bike Thieves Are Around Again. Let me know what’s the easiest way for you to find Regs & Results. June’s Board Meeting postponed for a week

Hello all, bad news from Martin Strang, who sent me this mail today

“Frank, just a quick email to ask if you could notify the off road community that the low life bike thieves are still around.

A friend of mine who lives in the Frome area of Somerset had his KTM EXC 530cc 2010 machine stolen during the night just past.

He had the bike for sale & gave his port code to a prospective buyer. The post code was for several houses, & his neighbours garage was also broken into before they found the bike.  Martin.”

Here’s a lesson in Latin for you all – read on – So its not caveat emptor anymore, it’s caveat venditor  [Caveat venditor is Latin for “let the seller beware.”]

Be on your guard in letting anyone know where & what you have in your garage. And make your garage as secure  as possible. Better still alarm it & install CCTV – you can get gadgets that will record when any movement is detected [they will illuminate the camera view area as well if it’s dark.

A number of people have been in touch about the way I’ve been listing Regs & Results {within Posts} rather than in Pages listed in the sidebar.

I’ve just sent Jerry Walters an email that about finding Results [it’s the same for Regs]’ it said —

Jerry – can you try this for me please
1 go to the home page
2 at the top right is an empty box called SEARCH
3  enter  the word    regs   in the box  & click
4 You should see an index of posts which have the word Regs in date order , newest first!
5 You can scroll down the list & click on the one you think you need — ie

And Another! Regs & Entry Form for North Somersets’ Jack Ball Trophy Timed Trial

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

6 click on that one & you should go to that post

7 click on the link on that page

8 you should get the Jack Ball Regs?

It’s pure laziness that I didn’t keep putting the Regs on the page listed in the sidebar – I thought it would be more immediate for guys to get where they wanted to from the Post rather than the Page.

If you have a look & tell me which you think is the ‘best’ way I’ll either go back to putting them on the Page or leave it as it is at the moment.
I’m guessing that I ought to g back to putting Regs & Results on their own pages.

But let me know your thoughts &/or what your guys want me to do

Thanks for letting me know – hadn’t realized I’d made a problem – I thought I was making it simpler/quicker
Please also note the next Wessex Centre Board Meeting will be put back for a week to Tuesday 12th June [blame the Queen – she’s having a Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday, bless her, on the 5th!
I’m not sure but I think I’m developing webbed feet – how about you?  Keep smiling, Frank

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