Updated Trials Champ Tables, Where shall I find the Regs, Regs available for WWMC H&H 17th June, etc etc

Good morning, er sorry, Good afternoon: I hope you all had a good sporting Easter weekend.

Pete Dury has updated the Trials Champ Tables, & comments:

“2012 Wessex Centre Championship Update

With 4 rounds gone and nothing now until the Hawkesbury in September the leader in the Championship is the current title holder Gary Marshman by 3 points from Colin Crease. Ben Skinner is in 3rd place and being pushed by Lee Hassall, who is only 1 point behind.

Jason Atwell is clear leader in the Clubman Expert class from Rob Scott with Mark Holmes in 3rd.

The Clubmen class is led Andy Frost by just 1 point from Roy Strong and Ben Squance 3rd.

Leader in the Novice group is Ian Graham from Jonny Janaway and Mike Griffin.

Tim Wheeler is the current Over 40 leader having taken the win in the Traders via a tie break with Colin Bennett. Both had the same number of cleans but Tim had one more 1 mark loss section than Colin. Richard Elliott is currently in the runner up berth with Shelley Redworth in 3rd place.

The Most Senior group is being led by Dave Fry with Martin Strang close behind and Dai Clothier in 3rd.

If you spot any points errors or wrong name spellings etc then please let me know – Pete”

Find the Table here 2012 Centre Trials Champ Tables after 4th Round on08:04:12

Gary Scrivs has mailed to say


When I looked in the Regs Available section on the Wessex web site for the Regs for the Traders the last entry was for the Presidents.Rob Pike said there was link from your script, but it wasn’t the obvious place to look to me !.

Regards: Gary

to which I replied

You’re right.
I started to put a link in the post that had the particular Regs in the heading.
Lazily, – its takes a bit longer to do it as well – I haven’t been putting the Regs in the List of Regs available as well
 You’re the first to mention it
I’ll try to do better.
 My thinking was that you guys could find the Regs straight from the page & save yourselves a little time & make the site more friendly to the user.
Both is best!
 Best wishes: Frank
I did tell you all around New Year time that I was intending to do both & asked for comments/criticism but Gary is the first [?] of you to notice, or more likely the first f you to tell me! Obviously both is best.
I was pleased that I’d got the Traders Results up on Sunday, well before they were on the Valers site though! You win some, you lose some.
West Wilts MC have now got their 17th June H&H Regs available so just click here WWMC Regs & Entry Form, Restricted to Centre Hare & Hounds, Naish Hill 17/06/12
More to follow, its lunch time – Frank


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