Regs are available for the Traders! Unauthorized riding at Uley. More on Electric Bikes etc

Andy Leahy has sent across the Regs & Entry Form for Mendips Centre Championship Traders Trophy Trial, find them here  Mendip Vale’s Centre Trials Championship Traders Trophy Regs & Entry Form 8th April 2012  So your Easter Day ride will be at Frys Bottom at Chelwood! See you all there I hope

Remember I mentioned Class E electric bikes  in a recent Post? Well at Tuesday’s Board Meeting We were told the 2012 Handbook  was subject to its first amendment which was related to Electric Bikes, their power outputs & which capacity classes they are allowed to ride in. All Clubs have been circulated with this clarification if you need more info!

I’m sure everyone knows that we [motorcyclists] don’t have the best ‘image’ with the public at large. I’m sure that all of us in our own way try to keep our activities ‘off the radar’ as much as possible, but the fact remains that Trail Riding & unauthorized riding on private land jeopardizes our  legitimate & permitted sport.
We’ved just had the following email forwarded to us from Rugby, to whom the Uley Parish Council sent the following:
‘I am contacting In the hope you may be able to help regarding the use of Motorbikes using footpaths.
Within the parish of Uley, Gloucestershire, we have woods known locally as Elcombe woods. This is within an area of outstanding natural beauty, hence full of wildlife and used by walkers.
It is attracting motorcyclists on what looks like motocross or scrambling bikes. We have put up notices but not had any luck. I understand that it is unlikely to be a member of your association but would appreciate help in ‘getting the word out’ to your members that this area cannot be used by motorbikes in the hope that it will filter through to those responsible.
Kind regards
Shani Baker
Clerk to Uley Parish Council’
Pleased to say that this is not suggesting that any of our Clubs or riders are involved, but, to help ourselves & the Sport, if you are aware of anyone riding their bikes in Elcombe Woods, maybe you would ‘have a quiet word to point out that they have been or will be noticed & that local people are very concerned & might be able to throw spanners in the works of properly organised & permitted competitions
Here endeth todays lesson! … Frank

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