Yes, Yes, I know its Monday! But we were out all day & it was late when we got back in after the Trial we went to! Here are the Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial Results, The John Stait Centre Championship Timed Trial Regs & the Andy Cheeseman National Sidecar Championship Trial Results etc. etc.

Theresa Talbot has mailed results of the Wits Border Salutation Novice Trial & says “As you can see we had 9 riders but managed 10 observers so all sections manned!. {See the Results: all those stalwart Observers are named thanks to all of them, we can’t run without them can we?] The weather was very wet and cold but not as bad as the Colmore Cup where Craig, Becky and Ian Fortune were home back by 2.30 as that Trial was cancelled after the start as the sections & the weather became too bad with snow on the ground and the blizzard forcing the trial to be abandoned. So it sounds as if we had the best weather down at Bovey Tracey – where the rain stopped before the start & there was just one shower of 10 minutes or so of hail – but we were up at 05:55 & drove down in two & a half hours of heavy rain & didn’t get back in until 22:00hrs!
Find the Saluation Novice Results here: Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial – Results 04/03/12
Jerry Cross reminds us all that the 2nd Round of the Centre Timed Trials Championship, the John Stait is running on 1st of April, find the Regs here , & don’t forget the Regs for the which is a Youth Beginners Trial on the same day & at the same venue [Rookham} for classes B,C,D & E only on the same day.

Class E is for electric bikes whose riders will be at least 4 years old on the date of the event & whose birthdays fall between 01/01/06 & 31/12/08, their machine’s Engine power is limited to 2bhp at the back wheel. Your slightly older boy or girl ie ‘D’ class cadets can ride electric bikes with twice the power, 4bhp!

As I said, we were down in Bovey Tracey yesterday where I was National Steward at the 3rd Luscombe Suzuki Leeds British/ACU Sidecar Trials Championship Round run by the West of England Club, with Andy Cheeseman as CofC. Our local interest had Phil Sparkes/Roger Tuck 3rd in Class C – the Clubmans Championship & David Tuck/Steve Chandler & Andy Scrivs’/Martin Lawford 3rd & 4th respectively in  Class B, – the  Intermediate Championship with both crews losing 42 but most cleans prevailed [26 to 24] in the 40 sections total. The Championship Rules for this Series specify a total length of 15 – 30 miles to be covered in one or two laps. The Andy Cheeseman achieved this with a one lap Route comprising 6 Groups with 40 Sections, we had a problem with the Route Marking [it had disappeared in places] but we weren’t alone, at last half the entry arrived at Group 4 without having been anywhere near Group 3 (!) & as usual riding half the Sections took 2/3 of the 6 hour limit. But everyone I spoke to said it had been a cracking event, & with printed Provisional Results available at 17:00hrs half an hour after the last finisher came in, the paperwork was very slickly organised.

See you soon: Frank

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