BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Regs. Centre Officials for 2012. Retiring President’s Address for 2012

The Regs & Entry Form for the BSSA Reg Lewis Trial are BSSA Reg Lewis Trophy Trial Restricted to Club Solo & S/car Trial 18th March 2012 here, thanks to Jan Watkins

We’ve also added the List of Centre Officials, elected & appointed at the Centre AGM.

I’ve extracted from the Board AGM Minutes your retiring President, Chris Fear’s remarks,

“Thank you to clubs for their hospitality during the year. It’s good to know the Centre is on a sound financial footing. Although ,as you know, my main interest is trials it is good to see the Frome Club, led by Jim & Vee, keeping MX alive in the Centre; and also BGRC keeping the flag flying for Grass track. Thank you to both clubs and I hope interest will grow by other clubs organising speed events.

We may be the smallest Centre in the ACU, but I think we make our presence felt at Rugby. I would urge all clubs to encourage younger members to help organising events & come to Board Meetings & put their views forward.

Chris also awarded & presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Theresa Talbot in recognition of all the work she does for the sport in our Centre & beyond.


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