Look here for Sunday’s Wells Trial Regs, Terry Bunn Centre TT Champ Regs, & NSMSC TT Results for 08/01/12

Here we are,

click on this link to the Wells web-site  http://www.wellstrials.co.uk/documents/Miller Cup 15/01/12.pdf to get the Regs & Entry Form for Sundays Miller Cup, thanks to Steve Thorne

& here for the NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Centre Championship Timed Trial NSMSC Centre Champ Terry Bunn TT 12/02/12 Regs & Entry Form thanks to Tony Colman

& here for the Results of the North Somerset ‘Phillips Trophy Timed Trial’ held last Sunday 8th January NSMSC Phillips Trophy TT Results 08/01/12 courtesy Jerry Walters

That’s it for the moment: Frank


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