We’ve several Updates/Regs/Results for you all: Please see below for the List! And the Southern Expert Solo Winner is: Alexz Wigg

Updates are available for the Trials Championship Tables & the NSMSC’s Presidents Trial Results

Regs are available for the Valers Turkey Team Trial 17th December & the NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical Timed Trial the day after

Results are available for the Southern Experts Trial & the Wells Mike Cornish Timed Trial both held on the 4th December


Looked at the ‘Sexperts’ Results yesterday.

You can find them here http://www.westofenglandmc.co.uk/results/Southern%20Experts%202011%20-%20Solos.pdf

The Sexperts had a small but classy Expert Entry, & Alexz Wigg looked a fairly comfortable winner, I think I’m surprised that Ricky Wiggins only placed 6th. I suppose Ricky being 6th underlines the quality of the solo entry, Alexz, Joe, Ross & Sam are all former ‘Sexpert’ Winners & I when I think about it,  Ben Morphett is the only one of the top 6 who I haven’t positively watched [& known who it was] riding sections so he has to go on my notional one to watch list!.The battle I anticipated between Becky Cooke & Emma Bristow didn’t happen as Emma & James Fry didn’t start. I also noticed that Ben & Dean Lovelace were non starters as well, but as I heard rumours that all was not well with Ben’s bike at the NSMSC Presidents two Sundays ago so that’s probably the reason for that.

Steve Thorne has mailed over the link for the Wells Trials Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial Results that ran last week-end  & you can find them here http://wellstrials.co.uk/documents/MikeCornishTTDec2011results.pdf

Ruth has issued revised Results for the  NSMSC’s Presidents Trial, this affects only the Sidecar Results, Solos are unaffected. You can find the update in the usual place

Pete Dury claims to have made a mistake with his O40 class list after the Presidents, but we can’t spot it, however in deference to Pete we have posted his latest version in the usual place. Ah yes, we’ve spotted it, Championship points incorrectly allocated initially. The revision is posted in the usual place!

Andy Leahy  reminds me that Mendip Vale’s renowned  Turkey Team Trial takes place on Saturday 17th December. Many of you will have seen  Gary’s write up in TMX last Friday. We’ve got the Regs & Entry Form are posted in the usual place.

North Somerset wrap up their years events with the Richard Sage Electrical Restricted to Club Timed Trial the day after the Turkey Team on the 18th. Again we’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form in the usual place.

That’s it for the moment, Fromes’ Dinner & Disco last Saturday, Board Meeting tonight, T&E CofC & Steward Seminar to run Thursday, Knut Trial on Sunday. it never ends does it? Keeps us all out of mischief though!  Frank


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