Knut Championship Trial Regs available!

As promised, Regs are available now for the Knut Trophy Championship Trial in the usual place. Sorry they’ve been up for  a few hours now but I’ve not told you!

Remember I mentioned Kurt Brain didn’t ride the Frome Trial? Now I know why, he was riding the Western Centre Hurran which ran yesterday. Kurt was  In a classy Entry Sam Haslam won on 16m/l, Ricky Wiggins was R/up on 23, Simon Welch 3rd on 33 & Kurt 6th on 63

Pete has updated the Champ Tables & I’ll post them tomorrow,  a query about one riders grading has been raised which may mean some changes. If it can be quickly resolved it will be, otherwise it may have to be ‘provisional’ as they say. Pete also has some comment on how its looking in all classes with the two Rounds to go.

Watch this space tomorrow!


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