And now for the next lot of Stuff. Wells Championship TT this coming weekend, Errington Cup Trials Champ Round also on Sunday,WWMC H&H Results, Latest Trials Championships Points Tables etc etc

Now you’ve digested the earlier post this morning we have:

The latest Trials Championship Tables from Pete Dury

The West Wilts Hare & Hounds Results. Thanks to C of C Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary, Tom Gerken, I think all you riders had a good day? All the comments I heard about the event were complimentary. A lot of work goes into these events & our thanks go to the dedicated band of workers before & after the event & to the Travelling Marshals who were mainly Kingswood & WWMC members who were kept busy but mainly I think recovering breakdowns. The only problem I noticed was that 1 of the 2 lanes of timing went down. I checked our instructions for using the transponder system, you are asked to ‘swipe’ your right wrist over the  fixed scanner an inch or two from it. A rider took it into his head to swipe the scanner with what was more like a right hook straight at it, I gather, so that was why it went down, clearly the system failed its. ‘idiot test’, C’est la Vie. Weren’t we lucky with the weather? Ladies soaking up the sun, small children – there seemed to be a creche with all the Lego, toys & reading cards I saw in the pit – good to see Jack [Broadway] & Hayden [I’ve been corrected how to spell his name , I used to work with a Welshman called Haydn so sorry Ben sorry Abby or should that be Abbie?] Shuttleworth. Won’t seem like 10 minutes before they they are riding themselves!

We hope & intend to be back next year & look forward to seeing you all then! BTW Daryl Bolter was best performance (I would think that wasn’t a surprise?), but Dan Price had an excellent result being R/up

Stet – I havent posted Results as I can’t link to them this morning possibly a site problem.

Don’t forget we’ve got the next Centre Championship Wells Presidnts Trophy Timed Trial on Sunday, so get your entry off to Steve Thorne ASAP. Regs are posted  here & on Wells’ own website. Steve says “The Wells club are holding their Presdents Timed Trial on Sunday 9 October at 10:30am. The venue is Rookham Old Mine Site on the Old Bristol Road near Wells, postcode BA5 3AP. After the timed trial there will also be some sections set out for beginner youth riders. As it’s no longer possible for us to let our kids ride around and play at an event, this will be an opportunity to formally enter them and let them ride some sections. Please note all youth riders must be supervised at all times by a responsble adult or will be instructed to stop riding. This won’t be of much interest to experienced youth riders and will be on a no award basis.  Contact Steve Thorne 07775802273”

I think the Youth Beginners  Trial is a great idea, no cut throat competition but letting newcomers do what they want to do, ride their bikes, in a semi structured way with no pressures, but also within our Rules so that proper Insurance is in place. The only way to get the hang of it is by getting in ‘bike time’ & we all know what a range of ability there is across youth riders of all ages.

Don’t forget the West Wilts Trials Champ Round at Errington Sands is on Sunday as well, & Phyllis is waiting for your Entry!



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