Nice afternoon at Knapps! Mendips Brockley Cup Regs, its past my bedtime!

While I was loading the car I could hear the Public Address at Farleigh Castle & the first of todays practice sessions for the International Vets MX of Nations & then it was slow going up the A46 to get to Kingswoods Centre Trials Championship Round at Knapps on Inglestone Common. There were loads of horseboxes heading towards Badminton for something!

First time we’ve ever been to this venue! Seemed like a good entry in all Classes but with all those people it was still a struggle for the Club to find 10 observers! Please volunteer rather than “disappear” when the signing on Board is circulating. On & off drizzle after the start made things slippy as the Trial went on. I’d guess it will be a low scoring Trial in the Experts class though & concentration might prove to be what sorts them out as it could be difficult to regain the marks lost with any ‘slack dabs’. First time we’ve seen Mark Kemps lad ride, although I gather he pretty keen on Rugby as well. Years ago I would have thought Rugby was much less dangerous that Trials Riding but these days certainly at top level Rugby is more so I think. Some guys weigh twice as much as I do & more & what do they do? They run through equally big guys & something has to give!

Now I’ll sit back & wait to see some Results.

You’ll also find  I’ve posted the Regs for Mendips Brockley Cup Club Trial on 23rd October thanks to Andy Leahy

Not sure that anyone from the Centre has entered the Scott Trial this year but good luck to Ricky Wiggins & George Edyvean.

Look forward to some of you next Sunday at West Wilts H&H  Enduro at Farleigh, & the next Championship Trial at Easterton Sands in a fortnights time Get those entries in to Phyllis asap

As above, its past my bedtime, but I’ve just seen todays Results which I’ll post uo tomorrow for you. My prophecy about low scoring & slack dabs  in the Experts was correct : Gary Marshman was a clear winne on 3m/l but Ben Lovelace, Ben Bowkett, Lee Hassall, Fred Adams & Kurt Brain lost 9,10,11,12,& 13 respectively. Really really close eh!


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