Doh! WWMC Regs for 2nd October Enduro & 9th October Trial now posted

The Secretary of the Meeting asked me to print off the West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Championship Trial Regs a few days ago, as she’s had one entry for ages . So I went to the Centre website to download & print them. Guess what, they aren’t posted there & neither are the WWMC Hare & Hounds Regs for Farleigh Castle. Checked my emails – don’t see them in there either. Inspiration, look on the Clubs website. Ah there they are, obviously some miscommunication [missed communication] somewhere! Anyway both sets of Regs are now posted.

I’d suggest that you get your Entry to the Farleigh Hare & Hounds off ASAP to Tom Gerken as this will be a pretty popular  Event I reckon. I know October seems a long way away but time will fly!

BTW if you’re close by & want some Victoria Plums we’re picking them now – £1/kilo – in aid of Dorothy House Hospice in Winsley. Great for plum crumble, jam or just to eat raw. See you soon – Frank

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