What’s New, Monday 18th July

Hello all,

We’ve added Results for North Somersets’ Smokehouse 2day Timed Trial on 9th & 10th July as 1st Day & 2nd Day inc. the Overall. A Hamblin benefit? Jason was the winner & Mark the runner up

You’ll also find their [NSMSC’s] TattooTime Chase Club Restricted Timed Trial Regs for the 13th of August.

That alert about Bike Thieves we put up a few days ago got National Coverage in Fridays TMX I noticed, but be on your guard just in case.

We hear fom West Wilts that both Ian & Ben Shuttleworth didn’t make the second day of the Knighton Round of the British Enduro Championship in Radnor Forest. Ian with injuries sustained when a driver turning right across him & into the drivers side of his van after the first days conclusion, & Ben with mechanical bike trouble. Tyson Maytom-Jones would have been disappointed with his 11th & 12th places.

That’s it for the moment. Frank

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