North Somerset’s RTC Timed Trial Results for the Fowlers Trophy 25/05/11 & Regs & Entry Form for the Weymouth Trophy Timed Trial on June 4th 2011

Prompted by Kevin Hamblin, I’ve used another computer at home here to post [I think] the Regs & Entry Form for the Weymouth Trophy TT. Please note they are separate downloads – that’s because its how they get sent to me, I usually combine them before Posting them, but with fairly minimal computing facilities at the momeny I haven’t even tried that this time!

Let me know if they dont download for you.

You should also be able to find [on the Results page] Results for NSMSC’s last Wednesday evening [thats the 28th May!] Fowlers Trophy  Timed Trial

Again. let me know if you can’t download them


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