Oh, oh, its getting close & interesting. Fowlers Trophy regs

The Centre Trials Championship that is. Have a look how the Expert Class is shaping up.

Thanks again to Pete Dury for collating it all for you

Top man is on 41 points, two guys on 40 points, 4th man on 39 points & 5th man on 38 points. How’s that for a competition? Surely it won’t go down to the last Round & then a tie break again?

Theres a long way to go & it’s possible points may have to be discarded if you ride all the Rounds but its shaping up nicely.

I’ve updated the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy Regs – mobile No for Bob Lees rather than landline, it should be fine now, sorry if some of you found you ended up with the Colin Stenner Regs when you wanted the Fowlers – depending where you clicked on the line it affected what you got. Just a little tester for you!

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